Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

          Branch admin has to change the status of PIN through admin module. Please contact branch for the problem encountered.

          The issue may arise because of incompatibility of our application with older versions of browser (IE 6). Make sure the user uses IE7 or above version browser.

Steps to generate login password online:

Steps to generate transaction password online:

Please note if the customer enters wrong grid values, Grid authentication will fail and three consecutive failures will lock the Grid Card.

The customers need to add our website in their trusted sites.


Currently, SMS alerts are sent for all debit transactions and credit transactions only in case of ECS and Cash credits/debits. Other credit transactions through cheque, SMS alerts are not being sent at present.

The user can check the status of the NEFT done after RBI timings under ‘Transfers’ menu ‘NEFT 24x7 UTR Enquiry’. In case the status is ‘Failed’, the customer needs to prepare a fresh NEFT transaction.

The customer Name/Address contains special characters like hyphen, ampersand etc. which need to be removed from the customer CIF and address.

Also, the customer should be careful not to enter any special characters while entering beneficiary details in the ‘Add beneficiary’ page.

The customer’s mobile number needs to be prefixed with the country code ‘91’ in his CIF.